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“Bonjour” from Paris: Eimmie Imagination Adventures

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

“Bonjour” from Paris: Eimmie Imagination Adventures

Today’s imagination adventure has Eimmie and her friend in Paris, France. They had to stop by the Eifel Tower first of course! They did imagine themselves a nice french baguette to munch on while they walked to the tower. Eimmie took a selfie in front of this iconic structure to share with you before they climbed to the observation deck. It was quite a climb but the girls were able to look across the Seine (the river that wanders through Paris) to see all of the city. Next, they visited the Louvre museum that holds some of the world’s greatest treasures. The museum is pretty neat: visitors enter through a huge glass pyramid at street level and then walk down many stairs. The girls had to go underground before walking up to ground level again to see all the art. They imagined their way through all the lines of tourists and were able to see the famous Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is a portrait of a young woman painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. Eimmie’s friend has heard the Mona Lisa’s eyes follow viewers as they walk by the painting. Eimmie wasn’t so sure…the painting seemed pretty normal to her! The girls finished their Parisian day by visiting Notre Dame, a cathedral. (If you want to sound like a world traveler, pronounce it: “No-tra Dom” like the French do!) Cathedrals are very large stone churches that are full of stained glass windows, sculptures and more. Ask your parents or teacher for more information. Notre Dame was built on a little island in the middle of the Seine River, right in the center of Paris! This meant that the girls walked across a huge stone bridge to reach Notre Dame. It was so quiet inside the cathedral even though several hundred people were also there to see the wonders! Eimmie and her friend had just enough time to see sunlight flow through thousands of pieces of colored glass, when bed time came and the girls had to imagine themselves home. While brushing their teeth, the girls both agreed that Paris was a great adventure and they would have to imagine themselves back there soon. They hadn’t had any French hot chocolate after all! Stay tuned for more Eimmie Travel Adventures, fueled by imagination. Follow Playtime by Eimmie on Facebook to stay updated and for contests and prizes as well!

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