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Eimmie Adventure: First Library Card!

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Eimmie Adventure: First Library Card!

Do you know what September is? It’s National Library Card Sign-Up Month! Eimmie’s Aunt found Instagram posts about the campaign and wanted to share the adventure with Eimmie. Eimmie was very excited: she’s never had any type of official card, let alone a library card of her very own! Eimmie, her Aunt, and Eimmie’s toy bear went to the local public library today to start the process. The librarian was super nice. She had Eimmie, with her Aunt’s help, fill out an application. Eimmie had to know so many things! Her name, address, age, and more. Once that was done, the librarian made Eimmie a card and even took a picture of Eimmie with her first library card. (You can see it in this post; we think her Aunt shared it and hashtagged it already!) They explored the children’s section of the library together and Eimmie chose a few books with the help of her bear and Aunt. One was all about pirates (Eimmie and her bear might have pretended to be pirates while looking through it) and one was about a girl and her pets (Eimmie and her bear imagined the adventures they would have with a new pet). Eimmie checked the books out on her new library card. Now she just has to remember to bring them back on time! Do you have library adventures? Eimmie wants to make new library friends and would love to see pictures of other kids on their library adventure, with their cards, or with their books at home. Share with #EimmieAdventures on our Facebook page to win Eimmie T-shirts and prizes!       To learn more about National Library Card Sign Up Month click here.

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