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Eimmie Adventure: Science Museum

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Eimmie Adventure: Science Museum

Eimmie had an adventure today with her Aunt at the science museum. Eimmie loves taking day trips with her Aunt: they call them mini travel adventures. The science museum in the city had so many different exhibits to look at. Eimmie had a hard time choosing! There were natural history exhibits that had skeletons of dinosaurs, blue whales and tons of other animals. Eimmie felt tiny when she stood under the skeleton of a prehistoric (this is museum language for really old) shark that was the size of a school bus! Auntie said she was glad the giant shark wasn’t around anymore.   Astronomy There were displays about the stars and planets and even a planetarium. The planetarium was a small theater where you could sit in chairs and watch the stars projected onto the ceiling. The stars moved through their orbits before Eimmie’s eyes and a Professor talked to the audience throughout the show. They got to see star constellations and hear the myths about each. Did you know there are two arrangements of stars that look like old-fashioned spoons? These were the stars Eimmie’s Aunt used to look for when she was camping as a little girl. The constellations are called the Big Dipper and Little Dipper and Eimmie thinks she can find them again in the night sky. All she has to do is find the super bright North Star and play an imaginary game of connect the dots to line up all the stars in the Little Dipper constellation–it really does look like a spoon with a really long handle! Crystals The last exhibit they had time to look at had so many crystals, some larger than Eimmie! The display explained the story of how crystals and gems form over thousands of years. Eimmie learned that crystals are a special kind of solid material whose molecules fit together in a repeating pattern. These patterns cause the material to form all sorts of unique shapes. Crystals often form after molten (or really hot liquid) rock begins to cool down. This is how many gemstones, like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, form. Eimmie and her Aunt found so many cool crystals in the display cases to look at. They started imagining stories about the most unique ones and were startled when a guard told them the museum was about to close. Keep in touch! Share your favorite day trip adventures with #EimmieAdventures on our Facebook page to win Eimmie T-shirts and prizes!

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