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Eimmie Shares Her Special Event News!

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Eimmie Shares Her Special Event News!

Hi! Eimmie here. I want to give you, my special friends, a behind-the-scenes look as the Team gets ready for the Playtime by Eimmie casting call and photo shoot this weekend in the Cleveland area! My favorite time of day now is when the delivery people visit us. I try to wave if I see the trucks arrive. The Team has received package after package this week with props, supplies, and goodie bag material. I was really excited when they unpacked a realllllllyyyyyyy long red carpet. That’s right! There will be a real one so that everyone can “walk the red carpet” on the way to the photo shoot just like movie stars do. I love to imagine and I bet you do too! My favorite props so far? The movie set pieces! When everyone was in a meeting I peeked in a box and found a director’s megaphone, an Oscar award, and a director’s clapboard! I didn’t know what that last one was at first but it’s the chalkboard that movie people use to write down scene numbers on and they have it at the beginning of every shot with a clapper on top. I’m holding one in my picture above and I took a picture of our prop one for you too. I bet all the girls at the photo shoot will have fun posing with it and yelling “action”! This is Eimmie, reporting from the Orange Onions office in Cleveland, Ohio. I cannot wait to meet all my new friends on Saturday and play together!


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