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Imagination Adventure: Travel Reading

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Imagination Adventure: Travel Reading

Eimmie loves bedtime reading. Her Mom and Dad read her stories all the time and Eimmie also likes to read to herself now that she’s learning. Last night she read all about vacation and travel and had dreams of airplanes, beaches, and oceans! Eimmie’s Aunt loves to travel and she gave Eimmie books and magazines about all the glamorous and fun places she wants to go. Eimmie read about the beaches of Bali. She imagined herself swimming in the turquoise water while her Aunt paddled by on a surfboard. The next morning Eimmie asked her Mom to help her find Bali on a map and learned the island is part of Indonesia, north of Australia. Eimmie also read about people backpacking in the Swiss Alps. She imagined the feel of backpack straps on her shoulders as she climbed a mountain. Eimmie looked at pictures of Paris, she looked at pictures of France. Eimmie thought to herself, “I will have to tell Auntie that my friend and I had an imagination adventure in Paris last week!” Next, she read about safari adventures where you can watch lions, giraffes, rhinos and more. Eimmie flipped through the last magazine her Aunt had given her. It had pictures of temples in Thailand and Eimmie began to imagine herself there….zzzzz…then Eimmie was asleep for the night. What books do you read to yourself, or with your family, at bedtime? Share with #EimmieAdventures on our Facebook page to win Eimmie T-shirts and prizes!  


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