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A Way to Say Thanks on Thanksgiving

Posted by Christine Vazquez on

A Way to Say Thanks on Thanksgiving

"Thanksgiving isn't just a day. It's a way we can live our lives every day." - Katrina Mayer

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to gather with family and friends and enjoy each other’s company. While we are cooking and eating and having fun we also want to use Thanksgiving as an opportunity to express appreciation and to model it for our children. 

We can do this by honoring both the Thanks and Giving part of the holiday. And here is an easy and meaningful way to do just that:

Download and print the two trees and leaves below. Have your family and friends of all ages write something they are thankful for on one leaf and tape it to the THANKS tree. Have them also write a way they want to give back in the coming year and tape that leaf to the GIVING tree.

Thanks Giving Leaves

By the end of the evening you'll not only feel full, but you'll have trees filled with gratitude for the past year and acts of kindness for the upcoming year.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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