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Open Ended Play: School Edition

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Open Ended Play: School Edition

One of the most popular topics in early childhood education and parenting is open ended play. The term sounds complicated, right? It’s not. Open-ended play means letting kids develop their own play without any preset limitations. There are many benefits (and we will explore those in future blog posts), but for now let’s just say it gives kids time and space to develop their own ideas through imagination. Sounds good, right? Here’s one example of open ended play for kids who love school time and want to play teacher at home: Eimmie wants to be your child’s first student when they play classroom at home! You can ask an open ended question about what Eimmie would like to learn today. Or, you could leave Eimmie’s school desk out and allow teacher and class play to develop naturally. Eimmie can sit at the front of the class and answer every question her new “teacher” asks. This means children develop their own lessons in an open-ended play environment and explore topics of interest to them. Eimmie will set a good example for those teddy bears and unicorns sitting at the back of the class who giggle during the lesson too! Role playing is an important part of childhood development and Eimmie is there to help and have fun. Parents, Aunties, and Grandmas can participate in school playtime by asking open ended questions to the “teacher”, allowing children to think and share naturally.   The Club Eimmie Team would love to hear from you: share your kiddo’s favorite school adventure with #EimmieAdventures on their Facebook page to win fun prizes!

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