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Screen Free Activity: Coloring!

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Screen Free Activity: Coloring!

Screen free activities keep kids active and creative, rather than sitting in front of a TV, computer, or phone. The Club Eimmie Team has some great activities to share as Eimmie loves to play and pretend–no screens needed! One of Eimmie’s favorite things to do is color. She loves the smell of a new box of crayons! The only thing better is sharing art time with a friend. Eimmie hopes her new best friend will join her and has a special new coloring sheet to share. At our recent Club Eimmie event we had many little girls creating their art with special Eimmie coloring sheets. You can see their smiling faces below! You can download the Eimmie coloring sheet below for a screen-free activity–don’t forget that Eimmie wants to play too! Please share your child’s art on the Playtime by Eimmie Facebook page to win a Club Eimmie T-shirt! Eimmie Coloring Cowgirl Screen Free

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