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Special Eimmie Report From Behind the Scenes!

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Special Eimmie Report From Behind the Scenes!

Hi! Eimmie here. I cannot believe the Playtime by Eimmie casting call and photo shoot is tomorrow! I’m excited to meet all the special people who will attend. While the grownups in the office are getting ready I have updates to share with you. I have been having so much fun coloring this week with all the art supplies I’ve found. Everyone is really busy prepping for the photo shoot so I have been exploring all the boxes of stuff they ordered and playing with everything I discover. I like to make an adventure out of everything I can imagine. I hear we’re going to have a coloring station at the photo shoot and I am happy I get to color with new friends! Special Eimmie coloring sheets and tons and tons of crayons have arrived (don’t worry, I found the boxes and have them ready for you). The grownups are also setting up all kinds of photography equipment. Tripods, cameras, lens, lights, batteries and more are all around the office now. They even ordered a life-size Eimmie cutout for a selfie station! My new friends this weekend can pose for pictures with me. I am excited even if some of the lights are taller than me! I haven’t been able to see much of the goodie bags every girl gets at the event because they’re such a big secret. The Team has been putting them together all week and I can’t wait to see what’s inside. I have seen Club Eimmie T-shirts and toys but shhhh….don’t tell them I said anything! This is Eimmie, reporting from the Orange Onions office in Cleveland Ohio the day before the big event. Stay tuned for more news from this cub reporter!

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