5 Reasons Why Shoppers Love Club Eimmie

Feb 15, 2021
Eimmie 18-inch doll in Winter Playtime Pack Outfit and Donut Sled

We get it -there are hundreds of toy companies in the market that say that their toys are the best- the only difference is that they don’t have our dolls. Here at Eimmie, we take care of everything in-house. From doll design to furniture and accessories, our team of creatives aims to develop a playtime experience that is unique for young children but, at an affordable cost for the adults. Here are 5 Reasons Why Shoppers Love Eimmie.

Build Their Own Story

Dolls are a great way to help children learn social skills and develop empathy. According to a Cardiff psychology study, dolls help to "encourage children to think about other people and how they might interact with each other." What separates Eimmie from competitive 18-inch dolls is that we provide the opportunity for the child to create the story. Instead of playing to a predetermined backdrop, our dolls serve the child as an anticipating blank canvas- to live in a world of the child’s own making. Whether it’s Allie, Eimmie, or Kaylie, their stories begin with her.


Quality Products At A Value Price

We’ve worked out the perfect formula: Quality-made toys for an affordable price. Anticipating that the life cycle of every toy includes accidents and other “uh-oh” moments, we were determined to eliminate the cost of disappointment and replacement by creating products that can withstand damages. With a soft plush polyester belly and smooth, vinyl skin, finished by top-notch stitching, each toy is analyzed and undergoes a series of safety proofing before making it onto the market. From Eimmie to Sofie the Sloth, these keepsake fun-size friends are here to last a lifetime. See how our customers are loving our products, here.  

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Each of these inspirational dolls are designed to become a part of her world, and is intended to be a reflection of different girls around the world. With plenty of fun clothing options, you can transform your doll for various holiday occasions or playdate with friends. In addition, Club Eimmie is a month-to-month subscription that delivers customized doll-and-me matching sets. Compatible with our Sharewood Forest Friends, these outfits are a great way for her to be self-reflective and mirror who she wants to be.

Body Positive 

Dolls are a representation of the child themselves. Exaggerated body proportions on a doll can have a negative effect on a young girl’s body expectations. The Eimmie dolls reflect average bodied proportions as a way to protect against early negative body image as well as promote realistic standards.  These dolls reflect women and girls, showcasing  various cultures, occupations, and lifestyles — each absolutely necessary.


Jumpstart Their Passions 

Our dolls embody a kindred go-getter spirit. From career goals to loungewear, our playtime packs come with doll outfits and accessories that will expand her imagination for play. Check out how our Club Eimmie subscription can get her exclusive new outfits here. 


Discover stories at Eimmie.com about doll, DIY tips, crafts and our Club Eimmie community to inspire and delight! 

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