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Easter with Club Eimmie
Easter with Club Eimmie
crafting with kaylie, playtime by eimmie

Crafting with Kaylie - DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder

Crafting With Kaylie - DIY Unicorn Pencil Holder

As part of our Back To School Club Eimmie Contest, we're giving your child the chance to win something great -- and providing tons of fun while doing so! Some families are learning how to navigate this school year from home and we know how important organization is! That said, this month’s Crafting with Kaylie will give you a fun way to hold your pencils, all while getting crafty! 

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  • Clean tin can
  • White paper
  • Colored paper
  • Gold card or glitter card
  • Scissors
  • Glue dots or glue 
  • Black pen
  • Tape 


  1. Cut a piece of white paper to the appropriate size of your tin can 
  2. Next, cut out a horn from your selected paper - could be gold, glitter, or anything else 
  3. Then, adhere your cut out pieces of paper to the can using your glue or glue dots 
  4. Finally, draw on your unicorn ears and eyes using a black coloring utensil 
  5. Your unicorn pen holder is ready to fill!

crafting with kaylie, playtime by eimmie

For original instructions, click here

Make sure to snap a picture and enter under #ClubEimmie as part of our Back to School giveaway. We cant wait to see all of your wonderful creations - happy crafting! 



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