Kid-Friendly Gardens To Plant This Earth Day

Apr 21, 2020
Kid-Friendly Gardens To Plant This Earth Day - Playtime by Eimmie

Planting and caring for a garden -- big or small -- are great ways for kids to learn responsibility and how to help our planet. In schools, many classrooms spend the dates leading up to Earth Day learning about history and importance of the date, before ultimately planting a tree or flower of their own in celebration. 

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Since we're all going to be home this year on April 22nd, students and classrooms all over the country are missing out on their opportunity to give our planet that one small gift that will make a great impact.

Luckily for everyone, there are so many fun and easy ways to bring that special Earth Day celebration into your own backyard. Here's how!

Individual Plants Just For Kids

  1. Give each of your children their own pot(s) to grow their favorite plant or vegetable. Make an entire day out of the process by having them paint their pots in the colors and designs of their choosing. Be sure to have them include the name of what they're growing in each pot so they don't get mixed up.
  2. Teach them how to carefully add in the soil and seeds. When I was young, I used to just throw seeds into the dirt and hope for the best, but, after years of practice, I've learned how to gently place the seeds and even them out, promising healthy growth.
  3. Kids know that plants need sunshine to grow, so have them pick a spot in or around your home where their plants will get plenty of it.
  4. Together as a family, you can design a helpful chart that will remind them when to water or move their plants throughout the year.

Depending on the seeds you plant, you may need pots off all different shapes. Come late summer, most will need to be moved into a larger spot in your yard, so be sure you have the room.

There are so many plants that are easy for kids to maintain, many of which include fruits and vegetables, depending on your climate. Since we're all limiting heading to the grocery store, growing your own carrots, peas, or even potatoes will double as both a great family Earth Day craft and a money and trip saving source of food.


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