How To Make No-Sew Face Masks For 18-Inch Dolls

May 27, 2020
Learn how to make no sew face mask for 18 inch dolls to help your children feel more comfortable

Children everywhere are undoubtedly dealing with complex emotions. As parents, we can do everything in our power to shield our kids from what's going on in the world. But, between the TV and the internet, it's basically impossible.

Since the beginning of this year, COVID-19 and the Coronavirus has made up the majority of conversation topics. From hearing scary stories, to constantly being reminded about safety protocols, it's a lot for young ones. Heck, it's a lot for adults too. 

On the bright side, children have their imaginations to help them escape from reality, if even just for a moment. When kids play with their toys, whether it be their teddy bears or 18-inch dolls, they are constantly learning to process emotions of all types. When they take care of their dolls, they learn empathy. When they play kitchen with their magical stuffed unicorn, they learn responsibility. 

When it comes to managing stress and coping with difficult emotions those same toys and play patterns work wonders. When children can relate to their toys, especially their 18-inch dolls that are their best friends, their world gets a little bit brighter. 

So, as businesses begin to reopen and public gatherings start taking place, the importance of face masks will continue to increase. Depending on guidelines, young children will be expected to wear face masks, and, to be totally honest, it's terrifying. I am a full-blown grown-up and going to the store with a mask on, and seeing others with their masks, scares me. I feel like I am living in a horror movie. I can't even begin to fathom how it makes children feel. 

That's why we've put our crafty team members to the test and created a quick tutorial on how to make no-sew face masks for 18-inch dolls. Nothing seems as scary with your best friend by your side, right?

The best part is that you are free to use whatever fabric you wish. If your child loves unicorns and you have some magical fabric, it can be done! Maybe you have old t-shirts taking up space in the closet? Those can be used too!

Remember, children identify themselves with their 18-inch dolls. By making their dolls a part of today’s world, you can help your child manage their emotions, stress, and anxiety.

Click here to download your instructions
to create a no-sew 18-inch doll face mask.


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