4 Ways To Deal With Picky Eaters This Thanksgiving

Nov 26, 2019
4 Ways To Deal With Picky Eaters This Thanksgiving - Playtime by Eimmie

Casseroles, stuffing, green beans, oh my! Thanksgiving meals are filled with foods that may sound yummy to us but will seem disgusting to picky eaters. 

Here are 4 ways to get your picky eater to actually eat on Thanksgiving.

Have them help you prepare parts of the meal, even if it is just pouring the ingredients. This will allow kids to see the not-so-scary stuff that goes into certain dishes, but it may give them a sense of pride, getting them excited to eat what they made.

Let them play with their food. This may sound silly but, if your child moves a piece of food around the plate, pulls it apart, or sniffs it, that means they're (slowly and messily) getting more familiar with its look and feel.

Seat them next to brave diners. If your child sees their cool older cousin chowin' down on the sweet potato casserole, they may be inspired to try a bite or two!

Don't get angry. Forcing your child to eat dishes they won't want to will only get them more and more worked up, most likely leading to complete food avoidance for the rest of the day.

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