5 Benefits of Playing Outside in the Winter

Dec 04, 2019
5 Benefits of Playing Outside in the Winter - Playtime by Eimmie

We'll be the first to admit it -- staying inside where it's cozy and warm is much more appealing than venturing out into the freezing cold. The thought of sending the kids outside in the snow makes is a scary one -- slippery ice-related injuries, catching the flu, getting frostbite... yikes!

However, sending the kiddos outside in the winter months actually has more pros than cons... and we can prove it!

Winter play can get kids out of their comfort zone. There are some crazy cool opportunities for active play when the snow starts to fall. Snowboarding, hiking, sledding, skating, and building snowmen are just some ideas.

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Snow can make kids stronger. Literally. According to a recent study, snow and ice can help kids build strength, increase coordination and develop motor skills that will help them feel stronger and more confident. The study also shows that winter outdoor play helps kids maintain healthier body weights but it also helps their brains get better at concentrating, problem-solving, making decisions, remembering things and learning.

Wintertime can boost creativity. This time of year, items like snow, ice, slush, snowflakes, twigs, and pinecones can be played with it countless ways, increasing kids' creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills.

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Playing outside can help with the seasonal depression referred to as the 'winter blues.' Staying inside can cause kids to feel trapped and bored, not to mention the shorter days are enough to get anybody down. Spending time outside will certainly help rid those feelings. With sunlight and vitamin D having an impact on daily mood, outdoor play in the winter will help keep the kiddos smiling!

Getting outside gives kids a break from screentime. Even just a short walk around the block will get kids away from their phones, tablets, video games, televisions, and computers.

Looks like it's time to bundle up, get outside, and play!




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