3 Ways To Ensure Meaningful Pretend Play For Your Child

Feb 27, 2020
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Kids of all ages -- and some adults, too! -- love to play pretend whether it be at home or at school. If you ever find yourself worried that your child may be spending too much time playing pretend, think again. When your child plays make-believe, they're continuously developing important cognitive & social skills, inclusiveness, and maturity.

Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure that their make-believe play reaps all the benefits.

Make sure the right toys are available. Avoid the mindset that you always need to have the latest and greatest toys and video games to make your kid happy. Most of the time, the simplest things will do, most of which are items that are laying around the house. When I was little, my grandma would let me play with her pots and pans -- the old ones, of course -- and wooden spoons. She tells me that I'd play for hours and hours in front of her open cabinet on the kitchen floor. 

In addition to the items found around the house, dolls are another tried and true example of toys that enhance the pretend play experience. Dolls serve as friends to children and can be their partners in crime, so to speak, on all kinds of make-believe adventures.

Our Club Eimmie subscription, a monthly delivery of clothes, playsets, and accessories for 18-inch dolls, assists in keeping your daughter or granddaughter playing with her favorite doll. Each month, kids will receive themed Playtime Packs, giving them fresh, new ways to play with their 18-inch doll. Our goal is to help kids unlock their imaginations by delivering endless adventure opportunities. Learn more about a subscription to Club Eimmie here.

Give them space. Literally.
 Adventure has no limits. As long as you can be nearby and are able to keep a close eye on the kids, allow them to play in a space that fits their imagination.

As I mentioned above, one of my favorite spots to play as a kid was in the kitchen. I'm sure my grandma had to spend many afternoons stepping over my little feet as she prepared meals for the family, but it seems as if she didn't mind. I also used to prefer coloring at the landing atop the staircase leading toward the bedroom while my little cousins preferred the laundry room.

Space, as long as it's safe, is as important as the toys and games when it comes to imagination.  

Show them real-life experiences.
 It's no secret your child watches everything you do. From grocery shopping to bank visits, meal preparation and, yes, even house cleaning, these are moments that kids will inevitably create during their playtime.

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As you can see, there are many ways you can ensure that your child's imaginative play will help them develop important cognitive & social skills, inclusiveness, and maturity.

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