7 Fun Things To Do With Peanut Butter

Jan 24, 2020
7 Fun Things To Do With Peanut Butter - Playtime by Eimmie

It seems these days there is a holiday for everything, but we're not complaining. Today (Jan 24) is known as National Peanut Butter Day and, we've gotta admit, it's certainly a day worth celebrating.

Here are 7 fun things you can do as a family to celebrate this creamy-or-chunky treat!

  1. Gather up some yarn and make yummy treats for the birds and squirrels in your neighborhood.
  2. Looking for a healthy snack? Try making the classic favorite treat of ants on a log.
  3. Create edible PB play dough and mold it into something cool before taking a bite.
  4. Put a nutty twist on the classic Rice Krispie treat recipe.
  5. Impress your family by making this no-bake peanut butter pie.
  6. Find a simple recipe and bake homemade treats for your dog.
  7. If you're feeling creepy, bake these cute peanut butter spider cookies.

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