Adorable Doll Accessories and a Fan Mention!

Jan 17, 2018
Adorable Doll Accessories and a Fan Mention! - Playtime by Eimmie

Hi everyone!

I hope 2018 is starting off great for all of you and that you’re having fun with the new dolls you got for the holidays. I’ll bet you’ve already come up with tons of ideas for how to dress them up and create a hip living space for them!

In case you need some extra recommendations, check out this blog post from American Girl Fan. There are so many sweet doll accessories like pink pajamas and a doll-sized suitcase set. But we’re really, really excited about this post in particular because one of her favorite things this week was our Bunk Bed and Trundle Set! She loved that it’s able to sleep three dolls, which is exactly why we made it that way–what’s more fun than a doll sleepover party? It also comes with plenty of cute accessories to make it feel like a space where your dolls can relax, have fun, and even get some work done when they need to. Here is a link to our bunk bed set (it’s also included in American Girl Fan’s article, along with a bunch of other great items!).

I think you’re in for a good time with this article and that you’ll come out of it with tons of new ways to make your doll uniquely you! See you next time!

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