3 Reasons To Play In The Rain

May 19, 2020
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April showers bring May flowers, right? Well, what about all the May showers we've been getting?

As the weather heats up, we all start to get excited to be outdoors. This rings even more true as we've been stuck at home, and mostly inside due to the weather, but this nonstop rainfall is really putting a wedge in our plans.

It's very easy to opt for indoor play when the rain begins to fall, but playing outside is actually very beneficial for kids. 

But I don't want my child to catch a cold!

That's what often pops into my head too. I'd rather see my kids warm and cozy inside, rather than cold and soaking wet outside. However, children have pretty powerful immune systems, so they'll be able to fight off a cold way easier than we'd originally think. Plus, the benefits that come from rainy day fun totally outweigh the chances of a possible sneeze or two.

If you're still nervous about your child getting sick while playing in the rain, just make sure they're dressed appropriately. Since it's still kind of chilly this time of year, dress them in waterproof coats, hats, and maybe even boots. Once it warms up, they can wear almost anything -- even a bathing suit -- when they're playing in the rain. Get them changed into warm, dry clothes as soon as they're finished outside.

Here are three big reasons to encourage rainy day play:

Outdoor play contributes to cognitive, social, and emotional development. Playing outside helps kids learn all the basics, like how to take turns, share, and stay safe, constantly developing positive behavior skills. During outdoor adventures, kids tend to be inventive as they explore the world around them. Whether they're playing alone or with siblings and friends, types of rainy day play improves communication, cooperation, and organizational skills. 

Playing outside can help with depression. Staying inside can cause kids to feel trapped and bored. Spending time outside will certainly help rid those feelings. With sunlight and vitamin D having an impact on daily mood -- yes, even when it's cloudy and rainy -- outdoor play will help keep the kiddos smiling!

Getting outside gives kids a break from screentime. Even just a few minutes of puddle jumping will get kids away from their phones, tablets, televisions, and video games.

See? Rainy day play sounds pretty great right about now, doesn't it? As long as there's no thunder, lightning, or high winds, it will be very fun and safe. Make sure you remind the kiddos about their own personal safety -- avoiding slippery areas or places where they may fall -- and they will have a great time playing in the rain.

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