5 Ways To Celebrate Cinco de Mayo At Home

May 05, 2020
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Cinco de Mayo is a great opportunity to teach kids about Mexican traditions, heritage, and culture, no matter where in the world you may be. It's a holiday that is widely celebrated in the states, especially in restaurants, but it's important to know the meaning behind the holiday in order to truly appreciate the celebrations.

Cinco de Mayo is also referred to as “El Día de la Batalla de Puebla,” meaning "he Day of the Battle of Puebla." Cinco de Mayo, which is frequently confused with Mexico's Independence Day, commemorates Mexico’s victory over France back in 1862, during the Franco-Mexican War. You can read all about the history of Cinco de Mayo here.

Our friends at Intentional Family Life said it best: "Part of exploring other cultures includes sharing activities and projects that teach kids about our human commonalities. Art, history, food, crafts, and games are all elements that humanity shares." So, in addition to learning about the strength, bravery, and courage of those who fought and won the battle more than 150 years ago, there are many ways you can bring the celebration and education into your home. 

Cook An Excellent Meal. From appetizers to desserts, from salsa to tostadas, there is a delicious recipe for everyone. Here are some easy and yummy authentic recipes for you to make as a family!

Crank Up The Music. While you're preparing your meal, search Spotify or YouTube for mariachi music or Spanish children's albums. The kids may have heard bits and pieces of these beautiful types of music in movies or on television, but they have yet to be immersed in it all. Plus, what's a celebration without music!?

Expand Your Vocabulary. Learn a few simple phrases in Spanish and try using them as much as possible throughout the day of celebration and beyond. Here's a great list to start with!

Make Your Own Maracas And Beautiful Art. After dinner, bust out the craft kit and create! Here are 11 awesome crafts that are fun and easy to make, and will teach the kiddos about Mexican culture with each step.

Learn 5 facts about Mexico. Did you know millions of monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico every year from the US and Canada? Or how about thousands of gray whales migrate from Alaska to Mexico to breed? Maybe you didn't realize that Mexico is home to Chichén-Itza, one of the 7 wonders of the modern world? There are so many amazing facts about the country and your family will have a blast learning all about them. 

Looking for more? Here is a great blog with tons of exciting and unique ideas on how to learn about and celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home!

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