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Club Eimmie Casting Call: Event Pictures!

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Club Eimmie Casting Call: Event Pictures!

Almost 150 people joined the Club Eimmie Team earlier this month in Cleveland for our first casting call. A great group of girls, from 4 -12 years old, attended with their families. They brought a spirit of adventure and fun to the photo shoot! The group had fun! They: Colored at the art station Rocked the selfie station with tons of fun props like photo booth mustaches, hats, and glasses Danced to tunes off and on Struck pose after pose with their rock star guitars and microphones at the glam photo station Played with Eimmie, her furniture and accessories while professional photographers and videographers snapped and filmed away The girls’ favorite companion (after Eimmie of course!) was the unicorn. They all had to give him a big hug and play with his rainbow tail! Their favorite activities in the photo shoots were brushing out Eimmie’s hair and dressing her in pajamas. Thank you to all our brand ambassadors for their great work at the first Club Eimmie casting call. A big shout out to all the parents, siblings, aunts, and grandparents who joined us as well! Stay tuned for more pictures from the event and to learn more about adventures delivered monthly by Club Eimmie. The Club Eimmie Team would love to hear from you: share your kiddo’s favorite school adventure with #EimmieAdventures on our Facebook page for fun prizes!

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