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Connect More With Your Grandkids With Playtime by Eimmie

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It seems like only yesterday when a couple of my friends in the neighborhood and I would spend the weekends together all snuggled up in my room having a little tea party. At our ages, it was the most pristine event for us little ladies and the perfect time to show off our dolls. Yes, no internet, no cellphones to worry about, all that mattered was how nicely dressed and pretty our dolls were.

Sigh... the good old days.

Fast-forward many decades later, the advancement of science and technology has been so rapid that it’s difficult to keep track of how many flagship Smartphones, tablets, and laptops flood the market annually. A survey by The Center for ScienceEducation at Sheffield Hallam University on 1,000 pupils 90% of whom were under 16 had a mobile phone. Children nowadays get exposed to video games, social media, and the internet at a much earlier stage in their development that they have little or no time to harness their creative abilities and develop their imaginative and social skills. However, the 18-inch doll, Playtime by Eimmie, is nothing compared to any doll you’ve ever seen before.

But why are dolls so important anyway?

Decades have passed, the world is evolving and you really want to be a part of your kids and grandchildren’s emotional development despite your inability to keep up with the times. Apart from the humongous difference in age between you and your grandkids, they love you a lot but probably think you’re old school and will rather not spend too much time with you, at least not as you’d want.

That's where Playtime by Eimmie comes in.

How Playtime By Eimmie Can Help Grandparents Reach out to Their Grandchildren

Young girls still very much enjoy playing with dolls. Brushing their hair, playing house and pretending to be mothers to the dolls by imitating their mothers. Playtime by Eimmie is a large doll that stands at 18 inches in height and offers children a more realistic experience. Here’s how dolls can help you connect more with your grandchildren.

1. Dolls help children develop empathy and compassion. The sight of watching your daughter or granddaughter cuddle and soothe a supposed crying doll with so much love and affection is enough to make tears fill your eyes. Learning how to process these emotions is an essential social skill that children learn when playing with dolls. These skills are important for them to grow up into caring human beings to your aging self and other members of the family.

2. You can teach your grandchildren to develop a sense of responsibility by allowing them to play with dolls. Along with empathy and compassion, having a sense of responsibility both in the family and the outside world is another important part of the life of any human being. Despite their importance, you cannot simply teach a child these things with a marker and a whiteboard. They have to develop them hands-on, and that’s where dolls work their magic.

3. Help your grandchildren develop excellent communication and language skills by playing with them, organizing and joining them for their little tea parties along with their friends. This shows determination and willingness to be a part of their lives. Grandparents who develop early emotional bondswith their grandchildren will find that those bonds last longer than others.

A grandparent who is determined to build a strong and lasting relationship with their grandchildren almost certainly achieves this because children love to be loved. Grandparents can take advantage of Playtime by Eimmie and win over their grand children’s affection and help them develop into responsible young women of the future.

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