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Easter with Club Eimmie
Easter with Club Eimmie

DIY Hat and Broomsticks #Halloween Treat Recipe

These delicious cookie witch hats and Reese's broomsticks add a little faBOOlous to this year's #Halloween party treats

Ingredients You'll Need

  • 1 Package of your favorite cookie
  • Frosting - we recommend green, orange or purple
  • 1 Bag Hershey kisses
  • 1 Bag Reese's cups
  • 1 Bag Pretzel sticks

Recipe Instructions

For the Hat

  • Take a cookie and place a dime-sized drop of icing in the middle
  • Now place a Hershey's Kiss on top of the icing

For the Broomstick

Tip: firmly hold the Reese's cup and the MIDDLE of your pretzel stick. Apply force to both ends as you push these together to prevent breaking

  • Take your Reese's cup and put your pretzel stick in the bottom

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