A Recipe for Fun: Family, Baking, and Imaginative Play

Dec 13, 2018
A Recipe for Fun: Family, Baking, and Imaginative Play - Playtime by Eimmie

Food - It is something everyone has an opinion on, we as adults do and we know kids aren't shy about sharing what food they like and what they aren't fans of! Food is also one of the big things in life that connects us to each other and to our family. 

Almost all of us have memories of the first time a parent let us help stir the bowl while making cookies or the excitement of the holidays arriving and us getting to eat our favorite family recipes.

Food is also one of the first ways we play and figure out who we are. Every kids has memories of playing restaurant or grocery. It's memories like those that led us to create our bakery set, to combine that pretend play with that strong connection to tradition and family. 

And while it just seems like kids are playing, they are learning. Children strengthen their social/emotional skills through pretending to be the baker or the customer. They work on math when they charge for a little cupcake or cookie, they practice creativity, literacy, and fine motor skills when they write their specials on the chalkboard.

Every time kids play they learn. And every time we cook with a family member, we feel loved, we feel needed, and we create a recipe for fun and connection.

Oh, and speaking of recipes, we're going to be putting out an Eimmie Adventure Cookbook soon. It will be filled with activities, room to add recipes, and recipes submitted from families like you, Share your favorite family recipe with us in the comments. We can't wait to see them!

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