Grandparents, what would we do without them?

Aug 29, 2019
Grandparents, what would we do without them? - Playtime by Eimmie

Grandparents, what would we do without them? They have so much love to give and are always happy to be involved in their kids and grandchildren’s lives. 

The relationship between a grandchild and grandparent is a very special relationship to have. All of the memories that are created and cherished make it even better. Children gain a lot of wisdom and knowledge from a grandparent. Grandparents can also learn about new things from their grandchild. To this day I still remember teaching my grandpa how to use a CD player and how he kept asking if he needed to flip the disc over to listen to the other side.

Having strong family bonds help grandchildren progress through life knowing they have extra love and support from not only their parents, but also their grandparents. 

Growing up, I always knew that I could rely on my grandmother’s support. She is grandmother to five grandchildren. We all love her and know that we will always have support from her. When I was a baby I was told that she treated me like I was her own child. Even now I still feel like she treats me and the rest of my cousins like her own children. The love and support she gives makes me feel at ease internally. One time I was very worried about a big test in school and I recall her simply hugging me and telling me that I had it in me to get an A and that everything was going to be okay. That moment made me feel a lot calmer and as a child it helped me realize that I should not feel so stressed over school, that I could overcome my challenges. 

Grandkids usually don’t know all of the trials and lessons their grandparents have gone through and overcame. When children learn more about these struggles it helps them relate their struggles to someone they look up to and makes them feel, “if grandma did it so can I!” It gives them a better understanding as to how their grandparents got to where they are now and how overcoming challenges will make them stronger like it did their grandparents.

Sharing stories of success that comes out of struggle builds stronger relationships and forges a closer bond. Teaching grandchildren more about their life story helps them better understand they are not alone and they have a grandparent the help them through their own struggles like making new friends at a new school. 

When it comes to keeping the relationship strong between the grandparents and grandchild, there is one common person between the two: the parent of the child. 

Parents should give their child a chance to spend quality time with their grandparents. If they live far away they can still keep the bond close by having their child write letters, call, or even draw some pictures and send them to their grandma or grandpa. 

Although both the grandparent and grandchild are from two different generations, there is a lot they can share and experience together and even learn along the way that the generational gap is not such a big deal. For some this bond may start as soon as the child is born. For others it really kicks off when the child is older. Regardless of when the bond starts, seeing it progress throughout the years is a beautiful sight to witness.

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