How To Be A Kind Neighbor

Jul 29, 2020
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Being A Kind Neighbor

When you hear of being a kind neighbor, what comes to mind? For me, it's Mister Rogers. I grew up learning from him each and every day. He taught me, as well as millions of others, how to be a good person. Even still, years after the peak of his fame and wisdom, what he taught us still rings true.



Kindness is such an important trait, one that has the power to change the world. Being kind is simple. It can come in the form of a smile or a wave. It can be as easy as inviting a friend to play.

While we're all stuck at home, we may not have the same opportunities to be kind as we normally would. We're not at school to make new friends and we're not in crowds to give a smile. But, even though we are limited in where we go, it's important to remember that kindness starts at home. We can all spread kindness through our communities from where we are at any moment.

Ways To Be A Kind Neighbor:

Even though we're stuck at home, being kind doesn't have to stop.

Whether you live on a cul-de-sac, in an apartment complex, on a busy street, or in a development, there are so many things that you and the kiddos can do to be kind neighbors.

Remember: your acts of kindness make for a positive, happy community. 

Be friendly always. When you see your neighbor, show them your smile. Say hello or wave to greet them. You don't always have to stay at chat, just a simple act can go a very long way.

Help take out the trash. Let's face it, trash cans can get heavy. I know for a fact that mine were even fuller than normal over the course of quarantine because of all the spring cleaning we had accomplished. 

Something as simple as helping your neighbor roll their cans down the driveway on the evening before the trucks come can be extremely helpful. 

You can also be a kind neighbor by taking the empty cans in after the trucks have collected the garbage. If your neighbor is at work during the day, they'll be surprised and grateful to see their cans have been put back by the time they get home. 

Assist with yard work. If the kids are playing outside and you notice some weeds in your neighbors' gardens or yards, have the kids take a few moments to help pull them out. If their sidewalk or steps are covered in snow, they can shovel for them so they don't fall. Maybe their plants look thirsty? Help your neighbor by having the kids water them with the hose. 

being a kind neighbor, helping with yardwork

Many of my neighbors are elderly and they struggle with yard work in extreme weather. If you have neighbors that are in similar situations, having the kiddos lend a few minutes of their time to help them will be a kind act they will remember forever.

Leave a positive note. Next time the kids are playing with their crayons and markers, encourage them to use a piece of paper to write a note to a neighbor.

What they write on the note can be as simple as wishing them a great day.

be kind write nice note

Being kind is easy to do and, most of the time, it's the simplest acts that make the biggest impacts.

Have your child place the note in your neighbors' mailboxes or on their doorknobs. 

More Ways To Be A Kind Neighbor:

  • Wash their car on a hot day
  • Rake their leaves in the fall
  • Pick up your trash if it blows in their yard
  • Help them carry in their groceries
  • Offer to babysit or pet-sit for free
  • Offer to take their dog for a walk
  • Bake them something sweet
  • Mow their lawn
  • Offer to help them grocery shop
  • Shovel their driveway when it gets icy
  • Offer to help them clean around the house
  • Brush off their windshields after it snows
  • Bring their mail to their door if their mailbox is far from their house


What other ways can you be a kind neighbor? Let us know in the comments below!



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