How To Make Your Own Covid-19 Time Capsule

Apr 27, 2020
How To Make Your Own Covid-19 Time Capsule - Playtime by Eimmie

Have you ever put together a time capsule? I don't think I've ever put together anything official, but I have written letters to my future self over the years and, honestly, reading them on their intended dates is the most outstanding feeling ever. 

With everything going on in our world right now, I feel that putting together a time capsule would be such a great idea. Between newspaper clippings, journal entries, photos, and other keepsakes, capsules created during the COVID 19 lockdown will certainly hold special memories. 

Below you'll find some great ideas of things you can do together as a family to make your time capsule one you'll be beyond eager to open someday. All you'll need to start is some paper, pens or pencils, scissors, tape, an empty shoebox, and a safe hiding place (that you will remember!).

I. Memories In Clips

For this section, you'll need a few sheets of blank paper, some scissors, and a glue stick or tape. Have your child fill up each blank page with clippings of pictures they've colored, photos you've taken, newspaper clippings, and any other small items you can think of.

This section of the time capsule will be very scrapbook-esque and will do a great job of reminding everyone exactly what life was like during this time. You can make the Memories In Clips section as long or as short as you want!

II. All About YOU

Truth be told, we've all changed a bit in this short time. Maybe we've developed new hobbies, found a new favorite TV show, or even connected with old friends. In your section, have each family member answer some questions about themselves on a piece of paper so everyone remembers exactly what they were thinking while in lockdown.

Use the example questions above to get your ideas flowing, then take turns suggesting new questions to answer. Remember the purpose of a time capsule is to remember exactly what life was like during this specific time, so the more detailed the questions, the more memories you will have!

III. Let It All Out

Everyone is feeling all sorts of emotions right now; sad, happy, scared, safe, comfortable, anxious; the list goes on and on.

Use the next pages in your time capsule to document those feelings. Have the kids draw faces that express their emotions, or encourage them to use a scale (1 is sad, 10 is happy). Allowing kids (and yourselves) to openly talk about their feelings will certainly help them feel more comfortable with themselves and, someday when they look back at their time capsule, they'll be able to see how much they've grown. 

IV. Dear Future Family

For this one, put everyone in your family's name on a piece of paper in a bowl. Each family member should pick a name, making sure they don't pick their own, and they are to write a letter to the person whose name they chose. Here's the twist: the letter is going to be addressed to that person in the future.

Everyone's letter should be dated at the top (2020) and sealed tightly when finished. Inside the letters, include all the things you'd want your family members to read when they open it in the future. Write about your hopes and dreams, or about the things you hope they've learned from all this. Ask questions that will get them thinking, and be sure to include inside jokes and fun memories that came from spending the lockdown together.

V. Dear Future Self

On another page within your time capsule, have every family member write a letter to their future selves. This is kind of like an open-ended journal entry and should include details, inner thoughts, jokes, happy memories, and anything else the writer feels comfortable including.

VI. This Exact Moment

Depending on when you plan to open your time capsule -- maybe 10 or 20 years down the road -- things happening in the world around us will be exponentially different. Prices on items, pop culture, and even some laws may change from where they are today. Use another page in your time capsule to document the way things are in the world right now.


You're almost done!

Your time capsule can be 100 pages or it can be 10; all that matters is what's inside. As a family, pick a day in the future to open it together. The date you choose can be an anniversary (May 2030 is ten years later!) or maybe it's the day your youngest graduates college. Whatever date you may choose, it will be special as you sit and reminisce with your loved ones!

Put all your papers and crafts into a shoebox and safely hide it in a place that you won't forget. 

What types of other things will you add in your COVID-19 time capsule?

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