5 Tips For Keeping A Grandma Diary

Dec 02, 2019
5 Tips For Keeping A Grandma Diary - Playtime by Eimmie

Keeping a Grandma Diary is a great way to keep memories alive and the journal itself will make a wonderful gift someday.

Sure, photo albums do the trick and, to some, so does social media. However, stories and emotions expressed through your very own handwriting is truly something to treasure.

Here's how to start -- and continue -- your first Grandma Diary!

1. Use a beautiful, hand-chosen notebook or journal. These can be found on Amazon, at local stores, or, who knows, maybe you even have some blank ones around at home. 

Be sure to choose one that really illustrates YOU and your relationship with your grandchild. Does your granddaughter love daisies? Finding a journal with a cute floral design would be just perfect! Maybe your grandson loves cooking with you? I've seen cute notebooks with illustrations of rolling pins, mixers, and chefs hats galore and boy were they cute!

2. Use writing utensils that you love and are comfortable with, and be smart about them. I prefer writing in black ink because it's clean and clear. Some people, however, love to use bright colors like pink or green. There are some grandmas out there who swear by No. 2 pencils!

Whatever the case, find something that won't make your hand hurt and will also stay preserved well. Bright colors may be hard to read, heavy pens might leak, and pencil lead might easily smudge. Remember, this is a keepsake so every detail counts!

3. Start with a cover page or opening letter. My advice is to dedicate one diary per grandchild if you have more than one. This way, the diary is something special just for them and about your relationship only.

Begin your cover page or opening letter with the date -- including the year -- and whatever other fun facts you may want to share. Maybe you write about the most recent time you thought about them, or maybe you'll introduce why you decided to keep the diary. 

4. Date every single entry. If you're thinking about your grandchild on a random Tuesday afternoon, write it down! If your grandchild was just picked up from your house after a wonderful sleepover, note it!

Not only will your grandchild enjoy looking back, but you will too when you spend time to go through what you've written.

5. Your diary should include more than just stories. Remember, since this is a keepsake, it's important to show your grandchild who YOU are as well as what your thoughts and memories are with them. Doodle your favorite flower, share a recipe, glue in some photos, or add some stickers.

What types of things will you include in your Grandma Diary?


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