22 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas

Dec 10, 2019
22 Mother-Daughter Date Ideas - Playtime by Eimmie


Bust out the hairbrushes and air guitars and have a dance partyResearch shows that listening to music together creates healthy bonds and builds positive memories. Introduce her to artists you loved growing up and have her exchange the favor. 

Cook a meal together. Whether you're trying out a new recipe or teacher her how to make a family classic, this is a great way to bond -- plus you get a delicious meal at the end!

Strike a pose and have a photo-shoot. Put on a silly outfit, dress up all fancy, or wear what you're comfortable in and go photo crazy. Take some selfies, set the timer, or take turns taking pictures of one another.

Ask each other interesting questions. We've put together a list of family conversation starters because trust us, we know getting more than one-word answers can be like pulling teeth.

Volunteer for a cause you both love. It's easy to find opportunities at places like your local animal shelters or soup kitchens. If that type of volunteering isn't really your thing, assemble care packages for the homeless in your area or make cards for nursing home residents.

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Create an artsy masterpiece. Hello, Pinterest! Not only is creating art important for your child’s development, but it can also increase positive emotions and reducing the likelihood of depression.

Read aloud to one another. Try reading books, magazines, poetry, or even the news. This can also lead to post-reading conversations about the info you just took in.

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Have a picnic. Pick out some snacks together, grab a cozy blanket and head to a park or your backyard.

Stargaze. Count stars, learn about constellations, or make up fun stories about the sky.

Take a trip down memory lane. Grab a family photo album and look at old photos together. Whether you look at her baby pictures or pictures from when you were a kid, there are so many fun conversations to be had.

Go thrifting. Take her to a thrift store, a flea market, or garage sales and look for hidden gems.

Trade makeovers. Get your makeup bag out and let your daughter do whatever she wants – then change spots. Be sure to snap some pictures afterward!

Go for a long walk. Without the distractions of daily life at home, your daughter may open up and share her heart with you on the walk. 

Work together. Ask her to help you with something like doing laundry or paying bills. This is a great way to teach her all while bonding -- it's a win-in!

Dress each other up, Freaky Friday style. Let your daughter pick out your outit and then do the same for her. You don't have to leave the house if you're not comfortable, but, who knows -- maybe you'll get complimented on your new style!

Paint rocks. Then leave them somewhere for a stranger to find so you can brighten their day.

Declutter. Go through your closet and pick things to rehome, then switch and go through her closet. See, chores can be fun!

Learn a new language. There are tons of apps and free websites where you can learn a new language. Even just learning a few phrases will be fun!

Have a coffee (or hot chocolate) date. Bring your favorite board game a local coffee shop, then treat yourselves to yummy drinks while you play.

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Have a movie night for two. Introduce her to your favorite movie and then have her do the same. Afterward, talk about the parts you liked best!

Try a new restaurant. Pick a restaurant you’ve never tried before and split some appetizers.

Visit the local farmer’s market. Pick up something fun to bring home and share with the rest of the family.


What are some ideas you have for mommy-daughter dates?



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