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New Year, New Adventures with Club Eimmie
New Year, New Adventures with Club Eimmie

National Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Do you know that every year on July 10th there is a Teddy Bear Picnic? The unofficial holiday is observed primarily in the United States, Canada, Australia, and parts of Europe. This holiday is in the summer for northern hemisphere families, allowing them to take advantage of the weather to have a picnic with their child's best friend out in the fresh air.

The Importance of the Teddy Bear & Cognitive Development

do teddy bears help cognitive development

A survey conducted in 2019 found that 44% of adults still have their childhood teddies and dolls, and as many as 34% of them still sleep with a soft toy nightly.

Teddy bears aren’t just an adorable, soft, and cuddly item for children to sleep or play with; they stimulate cognitive development by allowing for unlimited imagination and encouraging ways to deal with difficult circumstances.

We love teddy bears all year round but we love Teddy Bear Picnic Day because it's a day that allows your children to get lost in their imagination. Children learn how to make conversations while enjoying the outdoors.

The History of Teddy Bear Picnic Day

The creation of the beloved Teddy bear happened once during a hunting trip back in 1902, when the U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear. Toy store owners, Morris and Rose Michtom, wrote to President Roosevelt for permission to call their stuffed animals “Teddy’s Bear”.

This creation is what led to the making of the song “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” initially a melody written by John W. Bratton and then later developed into lyrics by an Irish songwriter Jimmy Kennedy.

Teddy Bear Picnic Day was established due to the immense popularity of the song, and it offers a chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of a picnic with stuffed animals. Don't forget to prepare your teddy bears for this unique and fun holiday.

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Some Fun Facts About Teddy Bears

  • The Oxford English Dictionary dates the first use of the term teddy bear to 1906. 
  • The original Teddy Bears’ Picnic Song was called The Teddy Bear Two Step
  • The first toy stuffed bear was created by Margarete Steiff, a German toymaker. The bear had moveable arms and legs after taking her nephew to the zoo in 1903.
  • Arnóczki Istvánné currently holds the largest collection of 20,367 teddy bears!
  • The world’s largest stitched teddy bear can be found in Wichita, Kansas. The 55 foot creation was made in 2008. That is one big bear!

How You Can Celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day

Host a Picnic or Make a Treat!

Take advantage of this day to host a picnic outdoors in a local park or your backyard. Having teddy bears at the picnic can be a great way for children to take part in a few games. It can be exciting to search for a teddy bear hiding in a treasure hunt. Enjoy yummy teddy bear cupcakes and other snacks and drinks in your basket!

Play an Alphabet Game

This is an educational activity you can do with your cubs. “I am going on a teddy bear picnic and I am taking… (an Apple, a Bear, a Cupcake...)


While many of us have received a teddy bear during our childhood, some children are not as fortunate. Please consider donating your old teddy bears or even new ones to an orphanage and bring a smile to several children's faces.