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Open Ended Questions: Imagination and Travel

Posted by Andrew Elkins Collaborator on

Open Ended Questions: Imagination and Travel

An open ended question is a question that can be answered in many different ways. They’re great for kids because these type of questions:   Stimulate language use Acknowledge that there can be many solutions to one problem Affirm children’s ideas Encourage creative thinking You might be thinking: that’s great but this all sounds very complicated! It’s really very simple. Ask a question that requires more than a one-word answer. Just remember to listen and allow children to have time to think and respond fully. Here’s an example of how to incorporate open ended questions with the kiddos in your life. Say you would like to organize a family vacation or just want to stimulate imagination around the idea of travel. Ask your child open ended questions about trips they imagine taking or different aspects of travel adventures. Have fun and watch their memories and imaginations take flight! Open Ended Travel Questions Tell me places you would like to visit What would you pack for this trip? What is the difference between a plane trip and a car trip? Who would come on this adventure?   Name some… (cities, countries, types of adventures for example) What trips have we been on before? How can you tell the difference between a fun trip and a boring one? What would we do if we went to… (use a place they have heard of or you’ve been like New York, or Grandma’s) What would we eat on the adventure? What’s another way of saying that? (This is a good comment/question that keeps their imaginations flowing and stimulates language development.) Now that you’ve learned that your small traveler would like to eat mac ‘n cheese on the moon with their entire family, what’s next? Stay tuned for future open ended play and question blogs. Follow Playtime by Eimmie on Facebook to stay updated and for contests and prizes!


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