Did You Receive A Doll For Christmas? Let's Say Thank You!

Dec 30, 2020
Playtime by Eimmie Thank You Cards

Let's Say Thank You! 

Playtime by Eimmie knows the joys of receiving a new doll, no matter the time of year! Dolls can bring so much happiness to a child - from all the new ways they can use their imagination, to the endless hours of playtime - we know just how special they can be! 

We also know how important your loved ones are! If your child received a new doll from a family member, friend, or even you, we created a FREE worksheet that allows your child to write out a thank you card. Everyone loves getting mail, especially a sweet thank you card. Let's start off 2021 with extra kindness! 

 Playtime by Eimmie Thank You Card, For Parents, For Kids

Click here to download our FREE thank you card

Have a safe and healthy New Years! 


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