29 Fun Playtime Ideas

Mar 19, 2020
29 Fun Playtime Ideas - Playtime by Eimmie

It's true what they say: play isn't just about fun. While fun is obviously a major component, there are so many benefits to different types of play.

According to the Genius of Play, active play helps kids with coordination, balance, motor skills, and the use of their natural energy (earlier bedtimes and more naps will be needed!). In addition, by allowing their imaginations to run wild during playtime, they're able to create new worlds, helping them form unique ideas and solutions to challenges.

While you may be focusing on different types of homeschooling and trying to limit time with toys, you should consider allowing more time for play. Allow them to learn on their own and have fun while doing it. 

Here are a few ideas of things you can encourage your kids to do!

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