4 Big Reasons You Should Read To Your Child Every Day

Sep 05, 2019
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Whether it’s before bed, after lunch, or squeezed into your busy schedule, dedicating time every day to read out loud to your child has an overwhelming list of benefits for their growth and well-being. Here are four of our favorites:

Stories help build a child’s imagination. Imagination fuels everything we think about, create and do; it helps us develop our goals and dreams all while adding elements of learning and fun. 

Reading to your child allows them to temporarily escape to another world within a story, giving them the opportunity to illustrate the story with their growing minds.

Reading together is a true bonding experience. Adding story-time to your daily routine will give both you and your child something to look forward to every day and, better yet, it’s something you will be doing together.

Whether it’s before bed, after lunch, or various times throughout your schedule, reading out loud to your child will give you both a sense of intimacy and closeness.

The calming effects are outstanding. If your little one is restless, agitated, or just plain grumpy, reading to them provides relief. According to a study at the University of Sussex, getting lost within a story lowers heart rates and eases muscle tension, allowing the body to relax. The same study found that reading can reduce stress better and faster than other relaxation methods such as drinking tea or listening to music.

See? There certainly is a reason why most stories are bedtime stories!

And the moral of this story is… a true learning moment. The situations a story’s characters find themselves in, the relationships they build, and the lessons they learn will all resonate with your child in a way that will help them grow and develop. 

Finding books about real-life challenges your child may be soon facing will help them relate with a character and understand that they are not alone in what they are going through. 

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