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3 Simple Ways To Teach Your Child How To Stay Healthy

Posted by Samantha Severo on

3 Simple Ways To Teach Your Child How To Stay Healthy

There are many simple ways you can teach your kiddos important healthy habits that will keep them healthy both at school and at home.

Teach your kids about proper handwashing. By teaching kids how to wash their hands properly -- especially after doing things such as blowing their noses or going to the bathroom -- you can greatly help them reduce the risk of getting sick. If you want some tips as to how to teach your child the proper way to wash their hands, click here.

Focus on their immune systems. Make sure they are getting enough sleep, maintaining healthy diets, doing enough physical activities, and managing stress. Continue to remind them of the importance of all these things, allowing them to make decisions that stay in line with what they're taught.

Remind them of healthy habits. Some of these may be common sense to adults, but, for kids, not so much. Teach them not to touch their faces and not to share cups and utensils with friends at school. Other things like covering their mouths when they sneeze and remembering to wash their hands right after is very important as well. Click here for more healthy habits to teach your children.


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