6 Ways To Thank Teachers From Afar

Apr 29, 2020
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Teachers everywhere are going above and beyond their normal amount of awesomeness to help students continue to thrive and feel comfortable during these trying times. From those showing up to their students' houses to those turning their homes into elaborate classrooms and everyone in between, we're witnessing the true passion they all have for our growing kiddos.

I am not a teacher but I do know many and I'm constantly hearing about how much they miss their students. They're just as scared as the children, if not more so, and many feel as if the distance is keeping them from doing what they promised to do.

We always get our teachers fun end-of-the-year gifts to show them our appreciation for the year, but now, as June quickly approaches, we want to do even more to show them how grateful we truly are. Here are nine great ideas of how you and your children can thank their hardworking, dedicated teachers from afar.

Send them a digital gift card. Does your child's teacher love coffee? Or maybe you know they're an avid Target shopper? Whatever their interests many stores and restaurants allow you to send virtual gift cards straight to someone's inbox. Imagine their surprise the next time they check their email! 

Put Together A Lockdown Summer Kit. Think about it like a "survival kit" that features all the quarantine essentials and some. You can include things like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, face masks, and disinfecting wipes along with some things they can do in their free time. Some ideas for free time activities can include things like adult coloring books, puzzles, snacks you know they love, and maybe even a bottle of wine if you're comfortable. You can send the basket in the mail or drop it off at their doorstep for an extra surprise!

Mail Them A Hug. We all need a hug right now, especially the teachers who miss their students so much. The last day of school, and even most school days, are filled with hugs and warm goodbyes, so not being able to do that is certainly a bummer. While we wait until we can squeeze our loved ones in person, sending a handprint hug is a great temporary option! Find out how to send a hug here.

Surprise Them With Yard Signs. You've seen them before. Flamingos on someone's sweet 16, cows on their 50th. Lately, every time I go for a drive, I see all kinds of creative yard signs signaling some sort of celebration. If you know where your teacher lives, or perhaps you can even place them at the school, express your gratitude with a true SIGN of thanks.

Organize A Zoom Classroom Party. Since many teachers are using platforms like Zoom or Google Hangouts to talk to their classrooms, they're already used to virtually facing a crowd. Talk to the other parents of students in your child's class and organize a quick appreciation party where students can sing to their teacher and take turns sharing their favorite memories from the past year.

Have Your Child Make Them A Personal Bookmark For Their Summer Reading. This craft requires watercolor paint, but you can use crayons, markers, or colored pencils to make your favorite teacher a special bookmark. Once it's finished, place it in an envelope and send it to their teacher. When they check their mail, they'll be in for a great surprise! Get the directions for a homemade bookmark here.


What ways will you show the teachers in your kids' lives appreciation this year?

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