Playtime by Eimmie Rated Editor's Choice, Top 10 Best Bunk Beds For Dolls

Sep 09, 2020
Playtime by Eimmie Rated Editor's Choice, Top 10 Best Bunk Beds For Dolls - Playtime by Eimmie

We are so very proud to announce that Ezvid Wiki has selected our 18-Inch Doll Bunk Bed Set as the Editor's Choice best high-end doll bunk bed. In addition, our doll bunk bed set with trundle set has also earned the number three spot on their Top 10 Best Bunk Beds For Dolls list.

According to Ezvid, a company based in Los Angeles, twenty-two hours of research were spent looking at the greatest toys for little kids, resulting in our high-ranking spot in their top 10. You can read more about why the Ezvid team chose our doll bunk bed set here.

From EzvidIf you're willing to spend a bit to furnish your doll's area, then the Playtime by Eimmie Bedroom is a great high-quality pick. Not only does it have all the usual things like bedding and pillows, but it also comes with cute accessories such as a lamp, a laptop, books, a magazine, and a mini bag. It's worth noting that although there is a trundle bed under the bottom bunk, this doesn't contain a mattress.

Here at Playtime by Eimmie, we pride ourselves on the durability and high-quality of our doll furniture. Our bunk bed set for 18-inch dolls is the perfect gift for children of all ages, as it was created to promote longer, more meaningful playtime.

bunk bed sets for dolls kids

Our adorable and easy-to-assemble doll bedroom set is made for all 18-inch dolls, including those from American Girl and Our Generation.

The 18-inch doll bunk bed bedroom set is available for purchase on our website or on Amazon.

We also offer a wide range of 18-inch doll furniture, including the Dog Training SetHair Salon and Nail Spa SetComplete Classroom SetFood Cart Set, and so much more. Our 18-inch dolls -- Eimmie, Allie, and Kaylie -- are also available for purchase and come with an outfit, pajamas with a sleeping mask and slippers, as well as a traveling bag. 

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