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DIY Halloween Costumes for 18 Inch Dolls

Fun Do It Yourself Doll Outfits

Every year when Halloween comes around, I find myself stumped on what I should dress up as. There are just so many fun costumes to choose from; it can get a tad overwhelming!

That's why the Playtime by Eimmie team put together this list of 3 super fun and easy costumes that you can make at home for you AND your 18-inch doll!

18 Inch Doll Halloween Costume DIY Craft October Playtime by Eimmie

Fairy Dress and Crown

Bookworm outfit

Poodle Skirt

Fairy Doll Costume

18 Inch Doll Fairy Costume Halloween Party Curly Hair African American Doll

It's a wish come true! This magical Fairy costume from Avery Lane Sewing is sure to have all your friends mystified.

There are two pieces to this costume, the crown and the tutu.

The materials for the crown you will need are

  • One piece of 14-inch elastic cord
  • 60-80 pieces of sheer organdy ribbon

The materials needed for the tutu

  • One piece of 14-inch elastic cord

Short Tutu Fabric Pieces

  • 30-35 pieces of organdy ribbon, each 9-inches long 

Long Tutu Fabric Pieces

  • 30-35 pieces of organdy ribbon, each 14-inches long

Step 1

To construct these pieces, lay your elastic out flat on the table.

Take a long piece of ribbon and fold it in half, making sure to keep the ends together.

Then place the ribbon against the elastic and pull the ends through the loop, tying it onto the band.

Continue this process until you've covered about 11-inches of the elastic.

Ribbons Blue Yellow Tutu Materials DIY Craft Fashion
Fairy Doll Ribbon Blue Yellow Tool Fabric Elastic Waistband Fancy Tutu

Step 2

Once you reach this point, carefully tie the elastic into a knot and add two long pieces of ribbon to tie into a bow.

Tie another knot with the elastic around the bows to ensure they are secure.

Step 3

Once everything is attached, trim the excess elastic. Repeat this process on the crown using your shorter ribbon, and voila!

A mystical Fairy doll costume for your 18-inch doll!

Fairy Tutu Ribbons Elastic Trimmed

Crown for you

To make a matching pair for yourself, use a tape measure to see how much elastic you will need for your crown and tutu, then repeat the same steps from above.

Completed Fairy Tutu Yellow Blue Ribbon Bow Doll Dressup Costume Halloween
Curly Hair 18 Inch Doll Fairy Crown Ribbon Bow Costume Dressup Halloween

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