5 Fun Crafts To Help Welcome Springtime

Mar 02, 2020
5 Fun Crafts To Help Welcome Springtime - Playtime by Eimmie

Spring is right around the corner and it's safe to say we've been counting down the days for quite some time. The Playtime by Eimmie offices are located in (not-so) sunny Cleveland, OH, so we are no strangers to a dreary winter. Sure, we know that there are *so* many benefits to playing outside during the winter but, c'mon we'll admit it, sometimes the cold gets old.

Soon are the days spent playing outside and sleeping with the windows open. We're looking forward to jumping in puddles, rollerblading in the park, going on long walks with our dogs, spring cleaning, and, well, just enjoying the beautiful weather and sunshine. What spring activities are you looking forward to most?

To help us ease from winter to spring, we're going to be spending a lot of time crafting. From painting to creating, our to-do list keeps growing and growing. Here are some springtime crafts we're excited to do.

Homemade Squirrel Food. While the fuzzy friends that live in our backyard don't necessarily hibernate, they sure do hate the cold and try to avoid it as much as possible. As the sun begins to shine and the weather warms up, we'll be seeing more and more squirrels (and their babies!) roaming around. We're excited to make them some yummy snacks to enjoy while they're playing. Birds and chipmunks will enjoy these treats too!

Egg Carton Flowers. We've already started dyeing our Easter Eggs (we are very excited, okay?) since hard-boiled eggs are a staple snack in our household. So we figured, hey, what else can we do with all of these cartons? This beautiful craft looks fun, fairly manageable, and is a great way to reuse items we'd typically throw away.

Paper Plate Rainbows. St. Patrick's Day falls just a couple of days before the first day of spring, so we're definitely going to be adding tons of green, gold, and rainbow crafts to our docket. 

Milk (or juice) Carton Bird Houses. Similar to what I mentioned above about the squirrels, we're looking to welcome all of the new babies and animals who headed for warmth over the winter back to our yard. Another craft that's good for the environment! 

Milk (or juice) Carton Flower Gardens. This looks amazing and I am so excited to do this with my kids. Just like some of the crafts above, this is a great way to recycle AND planting new flowers is good for the environment (and our bees!) too. We might even head to the craft store and buy some mini figurines to turn these into fun Fairy Gardens. 

What other springtime crafts should we do together? Share your favorite recipes/instructions below! 


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