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New Year, New Adventures with Club Eimmie
New Year, New Adventures with Club Eimmie
The Ultimate At-Home Valentine's Day Party

The Ultimate At-Home Valentine's Day Party!

The Ultimate At-Home Valentine’s Day Party! 

I remember when I was in elementary school how excited the entire class would be to hand out Valentine’s cards and put them in our individually decorated boxes. Cards, sweet notes, and too much sugar was the highlight for every child that day! 

We know that this year looks much different, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop! We want to help ensure that you and your children have the most love-filled, safe Valentine’s Day! Along with crafts, recipes, and even matching outfits for your dolls, Playtime by Eimmie hopes this guide will provide ideas for your perfect Valentine’s Day! 

1. You can’t have a party without snacks! Let’s make Cupid Popcorn. 

This recipe is easy peasy and sure to be a household favorite! Let the kiddos join in on making Cupid Popcorn. 



  • 1 bag of your favorite popcorn 
  • ½ cup white chocolate chips
  • ½ cup conversation hearts
  • ½ cup of Valentine’s m&ms 
  • ½ cup mini marshmallows
  • Pink food coloring 

How to make cupid popcorn for valentine's day

2. It’s a party! Let’s get dressed up. 

Playtime by Eimmie’s first launch of 2021 is our adorable matching Valentine’s Day Playtime Pack! What makes this launch so special is being able to match with your 18-inch dolls. The playtime pack comes with two sparkly red tutus, two heart-shaped sunglasses, two heart headbands, a t-shirt for your doll, and a postcard to send to someone you love! 

Playtime by Eimmie Matching Outfits for 18-Inch Dolls

We want your children to feel special and loved on Valentine’s Day and hope that including their favorite dolls will bring extra joy to their day! If you are interested in purchasing the playtime pack, you can find it right here on our website

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3. Let’s get crafty! (no sewing required)

Playtime by Eimmie loves getting kids off their screens and involved with hands-on activities that help explore their creativity! I have so many memories growing up from making pillows and blankets with my grandma. There was nothing better than snuggling up with something that I made with my own hands. 

These no-sew heart pillows are the perfect activity to do while you’re watching a movie or hanging out with the family! 


  • 2 sheets of felt fabric, same or different colors
  • Scissors 
  • Pen or marker
  • Cotton or polyester stuffing 

No-sew DIY heart pillows

4. Send your love to a special person! 

Throughout this past year, we have all had to come up with new ways to stay connected with our loved ones. While this has been a bit of a challenge, there are still so many ways to send your love! 

Matching Valentine's Day Outfits for 18-Inch Dolls

If you are anything like me then we all know how important our Grandmas are! If you are understandably keeping your distance from family, then download our postcard that you can color and send to grandma for Valentine’s Day! 

Valentine's Day Postcard for Grandma Download the postcard here

In addition to grandma, we also have a normal postcard that you can send to friends or family. Who doesn’t love receiving a personalized message in the mail? 

5. Include your friends and family! (the safe way)

Although we are all for screen-free playtime, there’s nothing like seeing the faces of your loved ones! If you are unable to actually see friends or family for Valentine’s Day, hop on a Zoom call and invite them in all the fun! 

You can even send them the recipe and crafts instructions and make everything together through your call. We know it’s not the same as being in person, but what a fantastic way to still connect with those you love - and that’s what Valentine’s Day is really all about! 

We hope that these suggestions help you have the most love-filled Valentine's Day and that you stay safe and healthy! 


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