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Playtime by Eimmie's Playtime Packs offers a delightful assortment of high-quality clothing and accessories perfectly designed for 18-inch dolls, allowing children to dress up their favorite companions in style and spark imaginative play. With its attention to detail and versatility, this playtime pack provides endless opportunities for children to create unique stories and bring their dolls to life.

What's a Playtime Pack?

Get ready for a world of playtime enchantment with our whimsical Playtime Pack! Bursting with delightful 18" doll clothing and accessories, this magical bundle is designed to ignite imaginations, allowing children to dress up their dolls in style and embark on endless imaginative adventures together.

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Monthly Playtime Packs and weekly content guarantee kids stay engaged and imaginative. 

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Club Eimmie helps kids step away from electronics and engage in real, imaginative play.

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Play is made easy! We empower children to develop their imaginations and curiosity. 

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Keep your connection strong by sending a gift that reminds her of you every time she plays!