Playtime by Eimmie

Club Eimmie Doll Clothing Subscription 12 Month Prepaid Plan

$299.99 $494.99you save $195.00

This is Club Eimmies best value! By choosing this plan you will receive the following 18 inch doll outfit playtime packs, exclusive content, discounts, and added special Playtime Rewards.

πŸ’– ADD ON - Bunny Snugible Jr Size

πŸ’– All Outfits and Add-Ons in the 3 and 6 Month Package

πŸ’– Safari Adventures Outfit with Four Plush Animals

πŸ’– Gamer Doll Outfit with Gametime Accessories

πŸ’– Pirate Doll Costume with Matching Pirate Hats & Eye Patch

πŸ’– Halloween Costume for Dolls and Matching Plush Pumpkin Baskets

πŸ’– Matching Girl and Doll Gingerbread Apron and Bonnet

πŸ’– Winter Snow Princess Doll Outfit with Matching Crowns