Playtime by Eimmie

Dougie the Dog 18 Inch Rag Doll


Meet Dougie!

Dougie is a playful, goofy, fun-loving dog who is always happy and cheerful. Dougie is a fantastic athlete! Whenever Dougie is not competing in sports, he gives advice or motivational speeches around Palmtree Plaza. Sometimes can be seen just running in circles, trying to catch bugs or a leaf flying in the wind.

Sharewood Forest Friends Product Information

  • Each Sharewood Forest Friend comes dressed in their one-of-a-kind adventure outfit and includes a pair of comfy pajamas.
  • Join your new best friend on their adventures by unfolding the attached packaging to reveal a Sharewood Forest playscape! Collect them all to create the entire landscape of Sharewood Forest.
  • Sharewood Forest Friends love to share! They share outfits and accessories with any 18" doll or any other Sharewood Forest Friend. The possibilities are endless!
  • Collect every character in Sharewood Forest for even more adventures, playscapes, and accessories to share!