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New Year, New Adventures with Club Eimmie
New Year, New Adventures with Club Eimmie

Club Eimmie 3 Month Kids Playtime Plan



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3 Months of New Exciting Adventures

If you haven't experienced Club Eimmie, this package is a great place to start! By choosing this plan you will receive the following 18 inch doll outfit playtime packs and exclusive content, discounts, and special Playtime Rewards. Now let's begin some new adventures! Welcome to the Club!

How Club Eimmie Works


Club Eimmie is the perfect way to make new and lasting memories! Choose a plan that best suits you.


Now the magic happens; a few days later, your child will receive a Playtime Pack and a series of emails with exclusive activities tailored to enhance the playtime experience.


Your child can now expand their imagination and explore new worlds while playing!


Each month receive different doll outfits and accessories to enjoy expressing themselves with until your prepaid subscription ends!

A gift that is more than just fun

Club Eimmie provides many benefits to children which is how we coined our mission statement "Entertainment with a Purpose". Now more than ever, kids are losing out on real play and its important cognitive development benefits.

Keeps Kids Playing

Monthly Playtime Packs and weekly content guarantee kids stay engaged and imaginative. 

Screen-Free Playtime

Club Eimmie helps kids step away from electronics and engage in real, imaginative play.

Play Ideas Provided

Play is made easy! We empower children to develop their imaginations and curiosity. 

Lasting Connections

Keep your connection strong by sending a gift that reminds her of you every time she plays!

Ready to start your Club Eimmie Adventure?