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Easter with Club Eimmie
Easter with Club Eimmie

Fan of the month

What Fan of the month means

Playtime by Eimmie focuses on forming long-lasting connections with friends and family. Becoming the fan of the month about loyalty. It's about being kind, growing, learning, and playing.

Playtime by Eimmie fans have very special best friends; their 18-inch dolls. Each and every day, we meet new members and hear all about the exciting adventures they have with their dolls, the adventures our Playtime Packs deliver.

 Parents and grandparents alike tell us stories about their girls and their dolls. From one daughter's safari adventure to another's baking extravaganza, their imaginations have no limit.

June Fan of the month

Veda K. - Age 9

Say hello to Veda, June's Fan of the Month! Veda and her doll, her BFF Amelia, do everything together. Veda's favorite Playtime Pack so far is the Safari Set.

She and Amelia love playing with the elephant and monkey in their backyard. Veda's favorite subject in school is history and she even wants to work at a museum when she grows up! She loves to play Connect Four with her family and her favorite hobby is journaling.

Did you know that Veda can sing happy birthday in German, Spanish, French, AND Italian? She even taught herself by watching YouTube videos. Way to go, Veda!

Who should be our next  Fan of the Month?

If you'd like to nominate your friend to be the next Club Eimmie Member of the Month.

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