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Welcome to Playtime Points! Eimmie's exclusive ambassador rewards program, think of it as your exclusive membership to our community of all things Eimmie! Members are awarded for doing various things such as liking our social media pages, sharing blog posts, placing orders and even celebrating their birthday!

Eimmie Ambassador Shopping Bag Icon Awesome Rewards for Awesome Ambassadors

We love our ambassadors, so much that we reward them for everything they do! With our set of ways to earn, members are able to earn points that they can spend on great prizes such as Eimmie gear, coloring books, and even large items such as a Club Eimmie subscription, doll wardrobe, and more! Not only are you able to start earning a lot right at the beginning, but we are constantly updating Playtime Points with new ways to earn more points.

Rewards for You and Your Friends

Not only are you able to earn points for yourself, but you can share a unique 10% off coupon with your friends. When they use your coupon, you're awarded $10 off your next order!

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