Playtime by Eimmie

12 Month Club Eimmie Bundled

$299.99 $494.99you save $195.00

This is Club Eimmies best value, all at once package! y choosing to have Club Eimmie shipped to you all at once you will save more money and receive these 18 inch doll outfit playtime packs, exclusive content and discounts!

💖 ADD ON - Bunny Snugible Jr Size

💖 All Outfits and Add-Ons in the 3 and 6 Month Package

💖 Safari Adventures Outfit with Four Plush Animals

💖 Gamer Doll Outfit with Gametime Accessories

💖 Pirate Doll Costume with Matching Pirate Hats & Eye Patch

💖 Halloween Costume for Dolls and Matching Plush Pumpkin Baskets

💖 Matching Girl and Doll Gingerbread Apron and Bonnet

💖 Winter Snow Princess Doll Outfit with Matching Crowns