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Easter with Club Eimmie
Easter with Club Eimmie

Cooking Apron for Girls and 18 Inch Dolls

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Unleash your inner master chef with the 18-inch Doll Apron Outfit. Get your mini-chef ready for the ultimate baking session with a sweet patterned apron, matching oven mitts, and a fun white and pink chef's hat. Make it a baking extravaganza for both doll and child, with a one-size-fits-most apron and oven mitts. Plus, with a Club Eimmie membership, you receive special baking-themed playtime activities, recipes, and DIY crafts. Ready, set, bake!
πŸ’– Fits most popular 18-Inch Dolls
πŸ’– Adorable and durable, made with quality fabric
πŸ’– Playtime Prompts with every outfit

The perfect cooking set for both you and your 18-inch doll! Get cooking, baking, and crafting with our Cooking Apron Set, which includes an adorable, patterned apron, oven mitts, chef's hat, and more. All accessories come with a matching one-size-fits-most child-sized apron and oven mitts to make it easy for you and your doll to have a baking adventure. If you're a Club Eimmie subscriber, you will also receive baking-themed playtime activities, recipes, and DIY crafts! Playtime by Eimmie doll outfits and accessories fit any popular 18-Inch Doll, so start cooking some delicious treats today!

Fits popular 18 " Doll Brands

All Playtime by Eimmie doll outfits are made to fit major 18 inch doll brands! 

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