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Easter with Club Eimmie
Easter with Club Eimmie

Fiona the Fox 18 Inch Rag Doll Toy

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When she’s not helping her father at the Farmer’s Market, Fiona spends her days tending Goldenrod Gardens. She loves to water her plants and encourage them to grow. When the flowers bloom and the fruits and vegetables grow strong, she uses the beautiful things she’s grown to make gifts for her best friends. From bracelets to pies, and everything in between, sharing her gifts is her favorite way to make everyone in Sharewood Forest happy.

More About Fiona

Fiona arrives donning a faux-denim jumpsuit dress with a classy white tee. Her matching denim headband completes her ensemble, which is perfect for playing in Sharewood Forest.

After a day of adventures, Fiona's cozy pajama set and sleep mask make for the best bedtime cuddles.

Fiona's favorite place in Sharewood Forest is Goldenrod Gardens -- she loves it so much that she brings it with her wherever she goes. Unfold Fiona's packaging to reveal the Goldenrod Gardens playscape and let the adventures begin!

What Makes Sharewood Rag Dolls Special

Each Sharewood Forest Friend comes dressed in their one-of-a-kind adventure outfit and includes a pair of comfy pajamas with a sleeping mask.

Join your new best friend on her adventures by unfolding the attached packaging to reveal a Sharewood Forest playscape!

Sharewood Forest Friends love to share! They share outfits and accessories with any 18” doll or any other Sharewood Forest Friend. The possibilities are endless!

Fiona As a Kindness Ambassador

Sharewood Forest Friends measure at 18" tall and can share clothes with beloved dolls such as Playtime by Eimmie, American Girl, and Our Generation.

Your new friends are soft and cuddly, making the perfect gift for children.

Each Sharewood Forest Friend comes with her own uniquely designed outfits that match their fun personalities.

In addition to their daytime outfits, each Sharewood Friend comes with an adorable pajama set and sleeping mask to easily change into before bedtime.

Sharewood Forest Friends come in a reusable box that can be unfolded to reveal an adventure-worthy playscape.

Collect All Sharewood Forest Friends

Each Friend comes with an exciting playscape that reveals their favorite Sharewood Forest landmark. Collect all five friends to transform your playroom into Sharewood Forest.

All Sharewood Forest Friends come with their own unique outfit and accessories and they love to share them with one another. Mix and match their unique clothes and see what great styles you can come up with!

Collect Them All