6 Reasons Being A Grandparent Makes You Special

Aug 26, 2019
6 Reasons Being A Grandparent Makes You Special - Playtime by Eimmie

Hey grandparents, have you ever taken a second to think about what makes you special? As a grandparent, there are so many amazing things you get to do that not everyone in the world can do.

Having the ability to call yourself a grandmother or a grandfather is a pretty awesome achievement.

The new relationship you get to build with your grandchild is an important and exciting opportunity. There are so many new things you can now experience because you are a grandparent. Having this new bond is vital because it not only makes you feel great, but can also keep your family close.

Here at Playtime by Eimmie we want to celebrate all the grandparents out there by giving you a bunch of reasons on why it’s so cool to be in your position!

  • All the affection and love you receive from your grandkids. Grandkids and grandparents have a special bond that no one can explain except those two in the relationship. When you get to see your grandchildren the feeling of elation is amazing. 
  • You get to bond with your child in a new way. Since you are a grandparent, you get to share the bond of parenthood with your own child. The legacy you get to see is a beautiful sight because you get to see your babies have babies. Getting to witness your family tree grow is not something that just anyone can do.
  • You gain a new best friend. When you have a close bond with your grandchild they will love you forever. They will spend as much time as possible with you. We all know that children do not necessarily like everyone, but if they have an awesome grandparent they will definitely be your best friend. 
  • The cute and special nicknames you recieve. A lot of grandparents have their grandkids call them different names. This helps create some originality in the name and not just “grandma” or “grandpa.” Having grandkids call you something original will make you smile everytime they call you by that name.
  • Getting to watch your grandkids grow. Seeing them progress through life from a baby to an adult is an alluring sight. It is amazing to see them as babies, so little that you could cradle them, and then seeing them graduate becoming a grown man or woman and remembering all the cherished memories in between.
  • Remembering your children when they were younger. Hearing your grandchild talk or even seeing their face may remind you of your own kid when they were little. It is a cool experience to see as you begin to take a trip down memory lane remembering all the good times you had being a parent. 

Now if you didn’t think much about being a grandparent before, we hope now you see why there is so much pride and beauty in being one.

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